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... of human remains found behind a shopping center in pasadena. pasadena. a walker found a human skull around three o'clock monnay afternoon behind the "oolie's bargain outlet"... alonn ritchie highway.they called police.. who began searching... and some distance away they found the rest of the body. 3 at this point we don't hhve an identity we're going to work with the medical examiner in terms of identity.....race.....genddrr if you have any information you are asked to call anne immediately. a former university of maryland honor student pleads guilty and avoids jailtime... after threatening to go on a deadly shooting spree on campus. campus. instead the state is closely monitoring 19-year- old alexander song's mental state. it's believed song suffered some sort of episode back in march ...when he made threats online to kill enough people on campus to make national news. 9:01;33 i think thissbehavior was the beginning perhaps the beginning of behavior that would have escalated we ttke &pall threats very seriously :3 and whether he had the ability at the time to carry out the th
pasadena mission control at the jet propulsion laboratory everybody excited that compared to a moon landing they hope the rover called " a curiosity " will touch down safely on mars. no one on earth will be able to see the curiosity rover on the descent thousands expected to get the first signals weather is survives or fails among them mission participant chris mckay >>> all watch the clock at 1031 if the mission land successfully a big sigh of relief and years of exploration on mars >>> the rover have to survive the heat and a complicated loring on cables from the spaceship >>> the possibility will find a different type of life than on earth would i call second genesis >>> it will scoop up march rock and soil and analyze it with a spectrometer >>> we know mars had water we should be on the track of what stuff it of what live is made from and that is organics >>> he'll push it will better understand life on earth >>> we can then compare life forms and see what earthlings and martians and soda speak are different >>> by making that comparison will learn more about life than just getting out
>>> a gruesome discovery. a decome posed skull found behind ali's bargain outlet in pasadena. the man who made the discovery called limits the search turned up other body parts. police aren't saying whether this is a murder case or not. >>> staying in anne arundel county, people are left wondering why a woman abandoned her infant at a glen burnie church. the baby was fund by a pastor in training. the mother is charged with neglect of a minor and desertion of a minor. >>> and there are new cameras. five new speed cameras will be up and working. they are cromwell bridge near loch raven high school, southwest academy, patapsco and owings mills elementary school. for months you will only get a warning but tissues will be handed out after that. >>> you've been outside. this should come as no surprise. 2012 is going down as the hottest year on record in the northeast. the average temperature, january through july was just under 50 degrees. new highs were set in several states including right here in maryland. we're seeing the fifth dryest since 1895. >>> oh, yes. 2012 has been a wi
to be worked out over the next few days. >>> a pasadena man suffered some severe burns yesterday as fire consumed his home. thanks to the actions of his neighbors, he escaped with his life. jeff hager joins us with more on this amazing rescue. >> first, 30-year-old christopher wanted to save his home. then he risked his life to save his daughter. the flames tore through the home. it appear as candle caused that fire in the basement and 20-year-old spencer blake, a neighbor came running the nearby woods knocking down a section of the back privacy fence when he heard him call out for help. >> i was kind of worried about him. help won't think about the danger or anything. he just goes for it. go help him and my husband is like, sure, both of us will be gone. go help him. he's crazy. i don't know what he's going to do. >> he ran back inside to lock for his wife and baby. in the meantime spencer's father had alerted neighbors to the fire and assuredd would rough that the neighbors had gotten out. he suffered severe burns and paramedics airlifted him to the bay view burn center. >> all right.
in pasadena. john, we are about to enter the period that officials are calling seven minutes of terror, where they will not know if curiosity is alive or dead. >> that's exactly right, john. this is it. they've all been using the olympic term that they have to stick this landing. as you pointed out, that this maneuver to entering the atmosphere of mars, traveling at 13,200 miles an hour, in less than ten minutes from now, they'll be hitting curiosity will be hitting the upper part of the atmosphere, traveling that speed, from that point on, it'll maneuver its way down through the atmosphere. then a parachute will deploy and following the parachute deployment, it'll be slow to even further and then another series of events has to unfold where rockets have to fire. and the heat shield comes off. and the back shell comes off. and ultimately, curiosity will be tethered down. literally a sky crane down to the surface of the red planet. and then, that next phase of the operation is to jet san that part of the spacecraft that lowered curiosity down. and then, and only then, will it be safely on the
make as dramatic landing on mars. i'm teresa garcia in pasadena, california with an exciting new glimpse of the red planet. >>> firefighterses were called in to battle a fire in california this morning. it erupted in a warehouse in sacramento. the flames could be seen for miles away as they tore through the roof of the building. there is no word yet on what started the fire. >>> it appears that the highest ranking official has defected from the syrian government. the former prime minister tells al jazeera television that he has joined the opposition and he is now in jordan. the announcement prompted syria to say the prime minister had been fired and already replaced. >>> president barack obama is congratulating nasa on its successful mission to mars. upon learning that the curiosity rover had made it to the red planet, the president called it an unprecedented feat of technology that will stand as a point of national pride far into the future. teresa garcia has more from nasa headquarters in pasadena, california. >> reporter: the rover scoruousty started -- curiosity started beami
almaguer has the story from mission control in pasadena, california. >> touchdown confirmed. [ cheering ] >> reporter: curiosity's smooth but nerve ending picture perfect for nasa. inside california's jet propulsion laboratory, elation and relief. the most high tech rover ever built survived a 13,000-mile-per-hour plunge through mars' thin atmosphere. the heat shield with stood temperatures of 1600 degrees fahrenheit. the space crane worked perfectly. >> we landed in a nice, flat spot, beautiful. really beautiful. >> reporter: minutes later "curiosity" beamed back pictures from the crater where scientists believe water may have once been. >> every one of those pictures is the most beautiful picture i have ever seen. >> reporter: then came the first images of the landing, an orbiting spacecraft captured "curiosity" dangling from its supersonic parachute. the descent watched around the world -- in times square and in los angeles parents brought children to full house watch parties. >> this is huge. this is huge for science. >> reporter: the jcl director compared the nasa team to olympic a
desde pasadena. >>> los movimientos telÚrico que durante las Última horas hicieron sentir su fuerza los famosos sismos que de base estarÁn san francisco. sin embargo, el miedo en la poblaciÓn frente al famoso big 1 o el grande se puede palpar. >>> se sintiÓ feo. >>> mario sintiÓ los 2 movimientos. que superaron los 4 grados y asegura estar listo para cuando venga el grande. >>> lo mÁs necesario r, los documentos, un par de zapatos y una mudada. >>> california ve ive en mri dp sÍsmico comprando productos de emergencia, agua potable y alimentos para varios dÍas. >>> una mochila, una caja con un radio que sirve con baterÍas luz de ma un. metoed zinha. zapatos que pueden caminar. calor extremo azota clifr Ñai. con temperaturas. y cuando hae mucho calor las posibilidades de un sismo aumento tan. pero para los expertos no hay ninguna relaciÓn. los movimientos son de 5 millas de pro fuÑ deudo y la taoeÑ no se calienta asÍ. >>> hubieron 30 rÉplicas despues $el temblor de anoche y que es una condiciÓn normal en el estado dorado en california estamos en tierra activa y se registra
7 breaking news. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >> pasadena, maryland -- acting on the water turned dangerous. two boats collide injuring nine people and sending rescue crews scrambling. among the people injured were a number of children. this happened at 8:00 tonight. it was off of grand view road in pasadena. investigators are trying to figure out what happened. tom roussey joins us live from pasadena. bring us up-to-date. >> this accident happened around 7:00 in the river, a few hundred feet behind me here. nearly 10 people were involved. the majority of them had to be taken to area hospitals including 15-year-old girl who we are told is in serious condition with potentially life- threatening injuries. we have confirmed that this man was in one of the boats. he is a state delegate, donald dwyer, who lives in this neighborhood. he was in one of the two boats that collided with each other. >> nicholas is his name -- they said, he was in a boating accident. >> she was one of many to rush to the scene. her stepson was one of nine people involve
>>> a boating accident this pasadena -- in pasadena leaves several people injured. among hildrethe latest on what caused the accident. >>> you can probably describe exactly what you were doing a year ago today. we felt the earth shake and the landmarks were damaged. >>> the purple thursday, the ravens take the field tonight for their third preseason game. we'll take a look an this thursday, august 23rd. "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle, clearly i'm off the game today. we both looked down? uh-oh. no purple. >> what's going on out there lynette? >> not a whole lot charlie. not a lot. for today, going to do it all over again. get out there and enjoy it. what's going on on maryland's most powerful radar as of now, we are nice and dry. yes we need the rain but we'll also take the sunshine. we have a little bit of reduced visibility issue once again that patchy fog still hovering in spots this morning. we can see right now 100% humidity t outherso that means that air is satuted in rock hall as you step out the door you ll head to the car and get on t
on saturday, both were 19. >> in pasadena, maryland, delegate don dwyer is recovering after p.m. and eight others were involved in a boat collision. >> investigators trying to figure out how the two boats collided wednesday night if. the youngest victim was just five years old. tom roussey has details. >> nicklaus was in a boating accident, they said. >> she rushed to the scene where the two boats collided. her stepson was one of nine people involved and one of seven people taken to hospital. witnesses say this boat and the the snow were headed in opposite directions. >> i was thinking, why is no one slowing down at? the next thing, they are approaching each other. and they collided. >> howard and a friend immediately went to progress you them. >> two children had a blood on their faces and their arms. was scary. >> coast guard and anne arundel fire rescuers came later if. but it was local boaters who rescued all the victims. three taken to the hospital were adults at four were children, including one child being towed in a tube. this was a shocker because boating accidents are rare arou
in pasadena. but, we will also have a story on the future of recycling in china and why it cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free -- it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles. super poligrip is zinc free. with just a few dabs, it's clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ charlie ] try zinc free super poligrip. wisconsin, friends and family came together in a park for t.o. remember the victims mafs shooting at a sikh temple. the attack happened at oak creek just outside milwaukee. ted rollins reports, authorities are treating the incident as domestic terror. >> reporter: investigators will spend the night combing not only the scene at the temple but also the suspect's home where they served a search warrant earlier this evening
: in pasadena abc2 news. >> it may have been a candle in the basement. he ask the prince george's county school administrator. >>> anne arundel firefighters busy with a fire in light thy couple heights. it started in the 6400 block of wilben road. the cause of this fire is still being investigated. >>> the trial for the man had police believe killed phylicia barnes will have to wait another five months. the judge granted a four-month, tension. johnson's attorney said they need more team to go over the more than 17,000 pages of evidence that have yet to see a clear case against their clients. >> i think the clients feel confident. he's confident that he's going to fight this every step of the way. >> the trial is now set for january 21st, 2013. that's roughly ament after what would be the two-year anniversary. >>> well, the debate is continuing if we should have more casinos in maryland and if all gags should be considered inherently dangerous. roosevelt leftwich joins us from annapolis with the latest. making any progress. >> reporter: it's been a day of discussion of both gambling and dogs. fi
a live picture of the master control room in pasadena. we heard some applause there. not exactly sure what that means but they are closely watching the risky landing that is expected to watch now any minute. >>> we are waiting to find out what happened and now we want to show you a live picture of nasa aims in mountain view as large could you say have gathered -- mountain view as large as gathered. >>> scientists james hanson looked at weather anologies. he found very strong few events from 1951 to 1850. there were so many events they had to be explained by carbon dioxide being spelled. >>> among improvements, they will install a financial system. improvements will also help support the high speed rail project. >>> now we are going to where? i'm told we're going to toss it to pasadena. all right this is a live picture. they look pretty happy so looks like they were suck setsdzful. the mars rover curiosity making a landing on the surface of mars. this just happened, you can see they are very excite. this is a 2.6 or $7 billion program. so a lot at stake in all of this and the mars curi
is beaming back from the red planet as unmitigated joy breaks out at mission control in pasadena. >>> here in london tonight will slow down the fastest man on earth to try to see how he moves so fast. and the runner the whole world has been talking about finally gets his chance on the track. "nightly news" from london gets his chance on the track. "nightly news" from london begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening from london. once again we begin in the u.s. in suburban milwaukee. shaken by a horrible outbreak of violence, another mass shooting. this time inside a sikh temple. tonight stories are emerging about the loss of life there, heroic acts of ordinary citizens, and about the man accused in the terrible attack, who he was and what the possible motive was in this shooting that investigators are still treating as a possible act of domestic terrorism as they put it. we have all of it covered tonight beginning with nbc's john yang at the scene in oak creek, wisconsin. john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. a little more than 24 hours after
boats collided pasadena, maryland, sending a local delegates and several others to the hospital. >> do you remember where you were when the quake struck the d.c. area year-ago "good morning washington? -- "good morning washington" at 5:00 starts now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it's thursday, august 23. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. >>adam caskey first. >> today looks dry and very sunny overall with the exception of this morning, where we have some areas of fog north and west of washington. round hill, 58, 69 northwest d.c. the five in oxon hill. generally in the '60s to start the day. 87 this afternoon with a good amount of sunshine. angela. >> one troublespots of our this morning travel. to the beltway on 66, blocking the right lane. a minor distraction. still looking at a pretty good flow of traffic with light volume for the most part. once you reach the beltway and travel on the inner loop through maryland, no problems. this is the american legion bridge. the inner loop and outer loop travel moving quite well at this hour. on
mars' past and about human kind's possible future there. nhk world's alex kirst reports from pasadena, california. >> reporter: nasa scientists spent years preparing for this moment and tense days tracking curiosity's approach to mars. then they heard the words they had been waiting for. >> touchdown confirmed! we're safe on mars. >> reporter: the cheering continued even as the six-wheeled spacecraft started beaming back its first images using one of its cameras. the black and white pictures showed the rover's shadow cast on the surface of mars. the u.s. space agency launched curiosity last november. it's the largest ever mars probe. the rover is about the size of a small car and weighs nearly 1 ton. curiosity clocked 570 million kilometers on its journey to the red planet, but getting there was the easy part. the landing was the worry. nasa engineers billed the descent as seven minutes of terror. curiosity needed to slow down, almost to a stop from about 20,000 kilometers per hour. it deployed a parachute and used reverse thrust of its rocket engines to do that. now curiosity is expl
mars' past and about humankind's possible future there. nhk world reports from pasadena, california. >> reporter: nasa scientists spent years preparing for this moment and tense days tracking "curiosity's" approach to mars then they heard the words they'd been waiting for. >> touchdown confirmed. >> reporter: the cheering continued, even as the six-wheeled spacecraft started beaming back its first images using one of its cameras. the black and white pictures showed the rover's shadow cast on the surface of mars. the u.s. space agency launched "curiosity" last november. it's the largest ever mars probe. the rover is about the size of a small car and weighs nearly 1 ton. "curiosity" clocked 570 million kilometers on its journey to the red planet, but getting there was the easy part. the landing was the worry. nasa engineers built the decent through mars' atmosphere as seven minutes of terror. "curiosity" needed to slow down almost to a stop from about 20,000 kilometers an hour. it deployed a parachute and used the reverse thrust of its rocket engines to do that. now "curiosity" is exp
-miller...at a motel in fredericksburg, virginia. human remains are found behind a shopping center in pasadena. a decomposed human skull was found ccose to three o'clock yesterday afternoon by a person walking in the woods outlet along ritchie highway in pasadena.a short time later... a body was discovered a good distance away from the human skull. 3 3 police don't know how long the remains had been there. 3 neighbors are joining neighbors tonight in the fight against crime. crime. jeff abell is live in park heights where national night out is getting underway, jeff.... fight back against prime. if you have a tip or have information on keeping our streets safe...call our "figgting back" hotline. 410-662-1456 a former university of maryllnd honor student pleads guilty after threats to go on a deadly shooting spree on camp. campus. 19 year old alexander song left court avoiding any jailtime. instead the state is closely monitoring his mental state. it's beleived song suffered sooe sort of episode back in march when he made thrrats online to kill enough people on campus to make na
on mountain road near appalachian drive in pasadena.fire crews reported smoke inside the store when they arrived.it was discovered that an illegal firework was the cause.the boys are between 14 and 15 years old... one was wearing a black and white striped shirt with shorts.. the other had a white tee shirt.anyone with information is asked to call anne arundel county police. eight people were sent to the hospital after high levels of carbon monoxide were detectee at a post office downtown. fire crews were called to the scene at baltimore city's main post office near east fayette and president street after someone fell inside the bbilding.crews than realized the building and its employees was exposed to carbon monoxide. at least 60 other employees began reporting symptoms. "we assessed some unusual odors which prompted us to request a hazardous material task force to the scene. they're investigating revealed levels of carbon monoxide in the vacinity of the 38 parts point million." million."officials says generators outside the building are believed to be responsible for the carbon mon
, the gruesome discovery found in the woods in pasadena, a man found a human skull and now they're trying to figure out who this person is. this happened in pasadena. the remains were sent to the medical examiner's office for identification and determination for the cause of death. as soon as they tell us, we'll tell you. >>> the decision about gambling in our state could soon be up to you. a special session is set to begin tomorrow and that is the first step on getting it on the ballot come november. so the bill calls for a casino to be built in the oxen hill area. the rose cross raceway inside that designated area. allies in the legislator could not come up to an agreement during the regular session earlier this year so the governor called the special session. state senator says the details the pg county plan had been hammered out in private. >> they want to shove this through, ram this through down the people's throats and that's wrong. pure and simple that's wrong. >> well, the bill would also allow for table games to be added to the current state casinos that we already have. if the
garcia has more from pasadena, california. >> reporter: nasa engineers cheered when the mars rover curiosity touched down. >> touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. >> reporter: minutes later the first pictures from mars were beamed back. >> it's safely on the surface of mars. >> reporter: curiosity went through what was described as seven minutes of terror to land on the planet. it hit the atmosphere at 13,000 miles per hour before jet engines kicked in to slow it down. a crane then lowered the rover safely on to the surface where it reported back to nasa that it was working. >> this is not an incremental step forward. this is a revolutionary step forward. >> reporter: launched in november, the mars science laboratory is on a $2.5 billion mission to find the building blocks of life on mars. >> this whole enterprise, if you divide it by every woman, child, man in this country comes out to the be the cost of the movie. i know i some on -- i know i speak on behalf of all mf i colleagues, that's a movie i want to see. >> reporter: it's being described as somewhat like a hollywood mo
on board one of the boats involved in a serious accident near pasadena serious accident involved in a one of the boats those on boord dwyer was among delegate don that state we have learned newscast.the top this brought you at breaking news we an update now on an update now on an update now on breaking news we brought you at the top this newscast.the top this brought you at breaking news we brought you at the op this brought you at breaking news we an update now on bbeaking news we brought you at the top this newscast.we have learnnd that state delegate don dwyer was among those on board one of the boats involved in a serious accident near pasadena tonight. there is immediate word on dwyer's condition. 3 maybe he was reading the emperor's new clothes. how prince harry wound up waving the crown jewels around a vegas hotel room. 3 cleaning up the kitchen could be costing you. how you can save houssnds at the grocery store with a little common sense. 3 the crown jewels were on display in las vegas. vegas.prince harry ... gets caught... without his pants ... during ...a... wild party
drinkingá... before... the crash.../. crash.../. keithh.. daniels,... streaming live... in pasadena ... with... the... emerggncy calls.. keith. keith. jeff.... the magothy river is just beyond those homes..... some of the people who live in this neighborhood.. including children were involved in that accident.. and tonight we hear the frantic calls for help... from one man who jumped into action. action. &p(áááááánats up full: ááááááááá)witness: "i saw it happen.."911 operator: "how many people did you see go people flying in the water. i don't know. they may be ok, they may not. i'm not sure." witness: "there was one boat flying, that seemed like full throttle and the other was towing some kids." kids." in all.. four children and two adults were seriously hurt, including del. dwyer, who admitted he'd been drinking before his boat collided with another vessel. after the aacident.. he talked publicly about it. it. 3 "it is true that i was drinking while opertaing my boat yesterday. ii has also been reported that my blooo alcohol level was .20
the waters after two boats crashed near pasadena, maryland. here's more on what those boats were doing in the water. >> i'm here on the dock of the nagasi river. this is the boat that was hit, according to witnesses. you can see all the damage here. let's take a quick walk over here, and they tell me there was two children on this, too. the two children, along with the others on this boat, were transported to the hospital. chopper 4 flew over the scene as witnesses say a five-year-old girl, a 12-year-old, an eight-year-old and another child were taken to waiting ambulances. two adults were also transported moments after a boat accident in pasadena's magathi river. it was his 12-year-old son on the bow rider. witnesses said they were pulling this child and another child in a tube, having a good time. >> another boat was coming at a fast rate of speed. >> alan watched from his dock. he said this speedboat with one man on board slammed into the boat rider. >> they had a head-on collision, and the bay area boat went straight up in the air and two people went airborne. >> take a look at thi
's boat collision in pasadena. >>> tonight the dramatic 911 tapes from last week's boat collision on the magothy river in pasadena, maryland. >> boat accident right out front. people went flying. >> calm down. how many folks were involved? >> two boats. >> how many people did you see go into the ter? >> i saw two people go flying. i don't know. they may be okay. they may not. i'm not sure. >> it was a rough night. now maryland state dell get don dwyer admits he was drinking before operating the motorboat that collided with another vessel. dwyer and five others including three kids were hospitalized after that accident. >>> we take a live look outside right now. topper shutt will be along with your full forecast. >> and right after the break our one on one interview with the aspiring first lady ann romney. >>> at last night's republican convention in tampa ann romney introduced voters to the personal side of her husband mitt romney. mitt romney, father of five, husband of 43 years. now her message was aimed straight at women, a voting block recent polls show mr. romney struggling t
. >>vicki: we are going live to a press conference at the jet propulsion lab in pasadena. nasa's successful mission to mars. [applause ] >> as incredible as our fee was tonight we succeeded one more time and raising the bar even higher. new technologies never invented or attempted before were created for this incredible journey. the final descent for curiosity was stabbed seven minutes of terror because in a seven minute trip to the surface, it had to slow down from 13,000 mi. per hour to zero. that is like driving 65 mi. per hour on the freeway and coming to a complete stop in 2.1 seconds. hundreds of other things had to go just right including a parachute slowdown, a rocket engines and a final soft landing by a new landing system. curiosity will spend the next two years seeking answers to one of humanity's oldest questions as it investigates whether conditions have a favored development of microbial life on the red planet. the president has laid out a bold vision for sending humans to mars and today's landing marks a significant >s pthis senate bill, it is+ oing to be discussed in dearame
if the measure passes. the mystery behind a young woman's remains... found behind this pasadena shopping center is till unsolved.the victim was between 18 and 20 years old with brown hair.a decomposed skull was found tuesday in the woods along ritchie highway.a short time later, the rest of her body was discovered nearby. authorities have checked missing persons reports, but so far they don't know who she is. a baltimore county high school teacher faces felony assault charges after police say he pulled a gun on workers near hisshome. home. police arrested aaron joseph back in july. they say the science teacher at franklin high school in reisterstown pointed a gun at three workers removing trees on a property next to his home on finney drive in carney. they say joseph was arguing with crew members, apparently unhappy about a new home development going up behind his property. (mr. weinberger/neighbor) "he's going to pull a gun on guys cutting down trees, that's crazy. they're trying to do their job." job."(ms. wellmann/neighbor) "in light of recent events with gun violence and to pull it o
. teresa garcia's is in pasadena, california. good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. you know, it was exciting, it was tense and there was a dramatic countdown inside the mission control room as each milestone was successfully ticked off during curiosity's seven-minute edl or entry, decent and landing. >> behind me is a replica of the rover. it's ready to begin an amazing scientific mission. nasa engineers cheered when the mars rover curiosity touched down. >> touchdown confirmed. >> minutes later, the first pictures from mars were beamed back. >> there is the wheel of the rover safely on the surface of mars. >> curiosity went through what was described as seven minutes of terror to land on the planet. it hit the atmosphere at 13,000 miles per hour before jet engines kicked in to slow it down. a crane then lowered the rover safely on to the surface where it reported back to nasa that it was working. >> this is not an incremental step forward. this is a revolutionary step forward. >> launched in november shall the mars science laboratory is on a $2.5 billion mission to find the
for relay. an 11 news update. a woman whose head and body were found in the pasadena area has been ruled a homicide. the police still have not identified the victim. we are joined with the latest. >> police say that the unidentified woman suffered from some sort of trauma to her upper body. now the police know how she died. they have to figure out who would want to kill her in such a violent way. it was a gruesome discovery. a police say on august 6, a man walking in this area behind the shopping center in the 8100 block of richie highway found a partially decomposed human head. he called 911 and with health, the rest of the body was found in the woods. they seemed curious and out of the ordinary. the word from the medical examiner's office said it was a homicide. >> it appears to be trauma to the upper body. >> the body appears to be that of a white female 18-20 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall with brown hair. the police do not have an identity and her description does not match any missing person. >> it does not appear that it is a match to anything in terms of missing persons in our r
as he walked along the woods behind a shopping center in pasadena. a team brought in cadaver dogs. they found the rest of the body on roadway highway. >>> national health leaders are urging people to be careful when attending fairs. >> reporter: there have been no reported cases of the swine flu in maryland and people who are showcasing their pigs here at the howard county fair are taking every precaution to keep it that way. a recent spring of swine flu cases has fairgoers on alert. >> it makes me nervous. >> reporter: right now there are no cases in maryland but according to the cdc nationwide 29 have been reported since last summer. 12 of which popped up in the last week of july. in ohio, indiana and hawaii. all of those cases were linked to people who interacted with pigs at county fairs. >> touching the pig, getting secretions from the pig on their hands and touching their eyes and nose and getting the flu that way. >> reporter: dr. wheelerson says the swine flu isn't uncommon and so far no deaths have been reported. >> we're not trying to raise hysteria. >> reporter: at the
the coast of pasadena, maryland. >> matt jablow describes the scene. this is described as a mass casualty incident. >> reporter: the headline tonight is pretty clear. it could have been a whole lot worse. after two boats, both apparently traveling at high speeds, slammed into each other in the middle of the river. >> i was probably 500 yards away. >> reporter: allen says he was hanging out at the end of his pier enjoying a calm day on the river. >> you just saw things just spray up in the air. >> reporter: when suddenly a calm day on the water turned into a day he'll never forget. >> i was scared. >> reporter: it was right around 7:00 tonight when two boats, one of which according to witnesses was towing a young child in a tube, collided nearly head on off the shores of pasadena in anne arundel county. >> they both pitched up and debris flew out of the boats. >> reporter: all nine people on board the two boats were rescued by pasadena residents who saw the accident and immediately set out in their own boats to help the victims. >> the patients range in age from 5-54. >> reporter: seven o
a shopping center in pasadena. pasadena. a walker found a human skull around three o'clock monday afternoon behind the "ollie's bargain outlet"... along ritchie hhghway.they called police.. who began searching... and some distance away they found the rest of the body. (2:28) at this point we don't have an identity we're going &pto work with the medical examiner in terms of identity.....race.....gender 3 if you have any information.... you are asked to call anne arundel county police immediately. the number of heat-related deaths this year... has surpassed ast year's tttal. that's according to public health officials... who say there have been 38 deaths so far in 2012.victims were beeieved to be wittout air conditioning... and some with underlying medical conditions. questions are swirling this morning... about the discovery of an abandoned baby outside a church in severn... left in the sweltering heat. thankfully, a pastor found the child just in time.it haapened at grace point church , where pastor joshua sillman... says he pulled into the parking lot, monday...ann heard the crying infan
was chosen from 9000 entries she traveled to the j p l in pasadena as curiosity was assembled she got to sign her name to the rover now she's excited to follow the journey. >>> i think all been nervous but excited at some time i hope everything goes well i really do. >>> she is now 15 and begins her sophomore year in high school her ambition is to work at the jet propulsion laboratory if you want to see curiosity being back pictures go to cbs s f dot com and cut on links and numbers. new details about the integrity of bay area bridges caltrans has uncovered more problems with safety testing according to an investigation by the sacramento bee anne mackovic shows us tests on the new span of the bay bridge among those questioned. >>> as the new span takes place a shadow of doubt hangs over at questions about safety after news reports of falsified and unreliable testing procedures during construction, the sacramento bee follows this for months and a special to and within caltrans and covers problems with safety testing far broader than previously known. the paper points out red flags on test done
on surveillance video in pasadena. >> legislation to expand gambling in maryland is on the fast track in the senate but not everyone is on board with the measure. >> no backroom deals. that is what has gone on. >> the state house is not a happy campus. there is a proposed bill to extend damning -- gambling. the governor says that it could help revenue in the state. he expressed confidence that the measure would pass. >> if it passes -- >> the bill was discussed before a skeptical delegation. maryland and baltimore city planned casino would get an additional 5% of the proceeds. the bill allows live cable games at all locations. the maryland live operators consider it patently unfair because they have not been open long enough to measure performance. >> there is dramatic cannibalization of the market. we believe not only for ourselves but for the taxpayers of the state that we will see not an increase in revenue from the addition but we also see a decline. >> the hollywood casino had a decrease in revenue. >> we will see what happens. >> the gambling bill is the only game in town. >> we
. >> the death of a person whose remains were found in a wooded area in pasadena has been ruled a homicide. police say the remains discovered along the 8100 block of ritchie highway were that of a white female between 18 and 20 years old. she was about 5 ft 6 with brown hair. the victim suffered a trauma to the upper body and police have no idea who she is. >> they will canvass the area and look for additional evidence. reaching out to other jurisdictions to see of any dna matches or general records have been entered into the databases. whether that be in the region or beyond. >> anyone with information is asked to call police. >> one of london's most venerable venues was the scene of the 2012 olympics. the gold medal women's soccer match between the u.s. and japan. we have the latest from london. dodge the u.s. women believe they had history on their side. they lost the world cup to japan, but no nation has ever won a world cup and followed up with a lead that goal. the u.s. has come back three times from losses to capture the gold medal. >> i am excited we are getting another chance at j
%. >> police in anne arundel county are calling a death in pasadena suspicious. the body of the 50-year-old man was found sunday morning. a family member is in custody as a person of interest. anyone with information is asked to call the homicide unit. >> the murder trial of the man accused of killing phylicia barnes has been postponed after prosecution and defense say they need more time to look at the evidence. >> it looks like we're going to have to wait at least four months for this trial to begin. both the prosecution and defense as the judge for more time to prepare. another delay in the case of michael jackson, the 28-year-old accused of murdering -- michael johnson, the 28-year-old accused of murdering phylicia barnes in 2010. >> we are taking our time to go through everything. >> bo the prosecution and defense are asking for a mutual postponement, and including 17,000 pages of discovery already disbanded -- submitted by the state. >> we feel this is necessary to streamline what is relevant and what is not. >> according to court documents, the prosecution accuses johnson of asphyxiating
at the jet propulsion lab in pasadena lets out a big cheer. i said a big cheer. curiosity is the first spacecraft to recorded landing on another planet. the six will drover is on a two-year mission to examine whether the martian environment was hospitable for microbial life. just after sunset is the price or someone price lawson's fine reddish planets. text offers of up to sunset tonight for congress 64 degrees are down 54 at oakland livermore 66 at the airport 54 degrees and everybody is in the '50s and '60s that during the day of up to the mid '80s in and look continued cool temperatures right into september the way it looks now we manage to 77 in santa rosa 85 netherfield 88 for livermore redwood city at 74 here in the city on the 63 degrees. and on this time last year low pressure that is out of the gulf of alaska and off the pacific northwest is going to persist offshore so as long as we have at relatively low pressure and a fairly robust onshore flow will continue as mild weather for the day depending on the thickness of the marine layer and you can see what went to happen with t
porque el laboratorio perdió contacto con el centro de control en pasadena . >> [gritos] . >> jubilo y llanto después que la nave espacial más profesional llego a marte en una operación impecable . >> minutos de terror en el traslado en la atmosfera del planeta . >> el personal del centro espacial no contuvo su alegría . >> ayer fue histórico para nosotros , nos aproximamos a 6 segundo , en 7 minutos el vehículo aterrizo en el crater . >> el presidente barack obama felicito el éxito porque marca un logro nacional al futuro . >> más de una década 5000 millones y cientos de empleados, activada con energía nuclear su misión es encontrar vida . >> se da en condiciones favorable para la posible vida . >> replica de curiosity que puede revelar un misterio del universo , al saber que le paso a ese planeta podríamos saber del nuestro . >> hay evidencia que hubo agua y ahora se busca materia organica . >> el carbono es lo fundamental de la vida . >> pesa casi 900 kgs , esperan que en el camino de retorno sea con más . >> [♪ ♪] . >> además del logro , esta misión le da emple
from pasadena needed a break from the triple digit heat. if they went for a swim in the pool. the owners saw them taking a dip in the backyard. about 50 minutes later the bears took off prayed they did not get far although, they climbed up a tree and spent the night with mama bear. the president's douglas supports a foundation that supports gay marriage. did those says he made the donation privately printe. it selected of the seventh to be national marriage equality day parade >>> i think all of us will be drinking coffee today. >>> i know for a fact you are lying. >>> if folks around the bay area, we have a couple areas of patches of fog this morning. in the richmond area, we are seeing lied to wins early on. it's likely the winds will pickup later on into the day parade there'll be a it westerly wind. i just checked the air quality management board, so far they are reporting good air quality for the entire area. some low 90s inlands. a lot of '70s around the bay area. as you go toward the coast line, you will see '60s. pass ammocete rich build overhead, the temperatures wil
. she traveled to the jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena she signed her name to the rover and decided to follow the journey. >>> a barrel in nervous but really excited i'll bet everything goes well and i really do. >>> she is 15 and about to begin her sophomore year her ambition is to work at the jet propulsion laboratory. for more information on curiosity go to cbs s f dot com click on links and numbers. new details in the shooting at a sikh temple seven people including gunman were killed police and federal agents searched the gunmen's house several blocks around a home a vaca waited derek blakely on the attack police called domestic terrorism. >>> swat team officers and police agencies swarmed a sikh temple near milwaukee after a gunman killed six people and wounded three others. >>> this was stopped from being worse than it could have been >>> police say the suspect ambushed a veteran of the police department before veterans step down >>> he was a engaged by the suspect our officer in gauge the individual that individual now deceased. >>> witnesses say the shooting started at 1030
. >>> the son of a man found dead on sunday morning in pasadena has been arrested. darious keenan senior was found in his home and found by a family member. >> they noticed his car was gone. and they say that he was pulled over and traffic violations. and now they say they believe that he is connected to his father's death. >>> baltimore now just as repaving was getting underway by last month's water main break and the department of public works said it is working on the road and may be responsible for another break that sent the water into the air. this is not the same main that was repaired. officials say they should be finished tonight. two businesses lost their water because of the break. >>> teachers getting ready for the first day of school. and a child with food allergies why you should talk to your teacher about reactions. >> and why we should be holding it close tonight. >>> let's say that you had a reaction. and a reporter tells us how they are offering hints of their own. >> reporter: packing can be nerve-racking but there are more reasons to worry than most. his son has life
whose remains were found in a wooded area and pasadena says she is devastated. police say the victim has been identified as 20-year-old desiccant lynn lee. our body was found in wooded rea earlier this month. fors mother is begging someone to come forward. >> whoever did this to my daughter, i hope ira you rott in hell. you took my daughter from a. and my granddaughter. we have to live with this for the rest of our lives. >> lee left behind a 16-month old daughter. police have not determined an exact cause of death that they believe she was murdered. baltimore county police are in looking for the driver was struck and killed a pedestrian walking in essex last night. the victim identified as a 55-- -- drivers found his body on the side of the road. he was taken to hospital where he died. a vehicle that struck him has damage to the lower front bumper. an update to a story we brought you yesterday and calling a scam targeting the elderly. baltimore city police said two more seniors fell victim today. a woman is calling the victims, impersonating a tax official, and tells them that someone w
of killing his father in pasadena. his son darius keenan, jr. was a person of interest and was arrested in north carolina keenan, jr. shot his father in the chest. >>> new tonight a woman accused of elder abuse who went to kenya to avoid being arrested will be brought back. the police are bring 50-year-old anastacia oluoch back. she beat an elderly man in 2007. >>> new tonight we have learned that senator barbara mikulski will speak at the democratic national convention. other women who will spook caroline kennedy and eva longoria. >>> anne arundel county executives are looking for nominations for the dallas pace humanitarian award. he was a servant, a coach, scout master, a teacher. the person must be at least 21, live in anne arundel. all nominations must be in the county by october the 1st. >>> 'tis the year of the robocalls. politicians are trying to get your vote and many of you are trying to get them off your phone. ways to stop the calls. >>> those who have stayed with this club for years, you may shed a tear when you go to your mailbox. >> actually 84 the updated high. we have a
near pasadena injured him and six others. he left the hospital yesterday. no charges have been filed. legal experts believe those that could apply carry a jail sentence. an attorney contends the amount of alcohol in his system, the accident, and the children were hurt will be unforgivable to a judge. >> you have the public trust and you violated that trust in a major way. >> a conviction could cause -- toss don dwyer from his delegate seat. current law allows them to stay in office until sentencing. his own party is distancing itself. the gop caucus explained, while we appreciate his frankness, we're troubled by the circumstances. he has been a member of the house of delegates since 2003. a man pleaded guilty after stealing a car and kidnapping a mother and her child last year. we're seeing a dramatic moments after the carjacking happened last year in baltimore. the video shows her jumping out of the moving car with her child. earlier, police say, the 22- year-old got into the car while samuels was getting gas. he allegedly forced her back into the car and drove down by- 95. prosecut
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